The Blackberry evolution


A system gone crazy, ours, that leaves few ways out to those who wish to change their own life. A system that steals the time and the values to produce wealth, wealth that is not but slavery disguised as liberty. It is no longer necessary to use the whip: all it takes is continually flooding the minds of the people with immense quantity of useless needs and convincing them that is it is necessary to work to be satisfied. Work, debt, healthcare, student loans, fast foods, drug addiction, technology obsession, consumerism, sexism, racism: The new chains of slavery are not made of iron.
Boston, MA, USA, winter 2016

Can you go away?

Necklace, Iron chain, Glass, 36 x 25 x 135 cm, 7.5 kg

It's a match!

Necklace, Iron chain, Glass, Rope, 40x 13 x 80 cm, 3 kg

Fine, tha...

Necklace, Iron chain, Glass, 49 cm, 1.5 kg

It’s snowing again!

Necklace, Iron chain, Glass , Iron, 14 x 14 x 4 x 95 cm, 3.5 kg

Never say no!

Necklace, Iron chain, Glass , Iron, 88 cm, 3.2 kg