Since the beginning of time, people always used objects, paintings and clothes to adorn themselves and express their personality, their emotions. Born with the human being, jewelry should not be only an ostentation of wealth, but also an expression of people's emotions, thoughts and feelings.

"There is one category of objects that represents the big and the small human stories as no other: jewellery. [...] They are relatively small compared with all the other things that people make, because they have to be accommodated somewhere on the body. This invests them with an unmistakable intimacy and means that items of jewellery reflect a certain measure of humanity." Marjan Unger-de Boer

My way

Unusual, changeable, illusory. Each material's nature will show to me endless possibilities. Research and experimentation are essential for a coherent elaboration of the thought. Shapes, patinas, textures, surfaces and colors to express a concept in a close dialogue with the body.


Born in Naples in 1986, Brunella holds a masters degree in architecture from “La Sapienza”, in Rome. Her first experience in the jewelry world was in Santiago de Chile, where she learned the Mapuche metalsmithing techniques. She then returned to Italy where she studied under Lucia Massei, Doris Maninger, Peter Bahuius and Ruudt Peters, and obtained her BFA in fine-arts from Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence. In these years, she participated in many international workshops and was selected for exhibitions in Barcelona, Legnica, Valencia, Boston and Florence. In 2016 she moved to Boston (USA) where she attended the Masters program in Sculpture at MassArt under Jill Slosburg-Ackerman and she was the teaching assistant to Professor Heather White in the “Intermediate Jewelry” course. At the same time, she completed an internship at “Embr Labs, supported by the Trust Center for MIT Enterpreneurship and the MIT Venture Mentoring Service”, participating as a designer in the “Wristify” project. At the moment, she’s working as an indipendent jewelry artist, she’s also employed at IED as a tutor of the Jewelry program in Milan.


Visual Identity: Andrea Maddaloni
Photography: Emanuela D’Ambrosi
Website: Attilio Cianci
Strategy: Fabio Pisano