In dedication to Richard Serra


Richard Serra has long been acclaimed for his challenging and innovative work, which emphasizes materiality and engagement between the viewer, the site, and the work. There is a comfortablity in these shapes drawing from the nostalgia associated with an industrial settings. As Serra’s sculptures, these jewels are strong in their purity. Curves give a different point of view depending how the piece is turned. The continous line shifts planes with every curve, giving a feeling of disorientation. Inspired by this process, the research has been focused on experimentation, taking advantage of physical and chemical properties of the materials, and allowing for focus on the journey rather than the final result through patinas.

Autunno 1943

Bracelet, Zinc, Silver, 6.5 x 7.5 cm, 194 gr


Brooch, Zinc, Steel, Silver, 10 x 5.5 cm, 45 gr

Less is more

Bracelet, Silver, 4 x 6 cm, 65 gr

Punti di vista

Punto di vista 1, Bracelet, Iron,  7 x 10 cm, 198 gr
Punto di vista 2, Bracelet, Iron, 7 x 10 cm, 195 gr
Punto di vista 3, Bracelet, Iron,  7 x 10 cm, 195 gr
Punto di vista 4, Bracelet, Zinc, 7 x 10 cm, 188 gr

Uno della lista

Brooch, Silver, Zinc, 8 x 2 cm, 75 gr